self defense and safety training for women


Our mission is provide self defense and safety instruction for women.  Learn how to safeguard yourselves against crime and assault, and enjoy long, fulfilled, and healthy lives.

Learn to live safe!

  • Build  awareness and avoid unsafe situations
  • Practice basic techniques and combinations
  • Learn to exploit vulnerable soft targets
  • Practice for Empowerment
  • Highly Experienced Instructors
  • Fun and Challenging Workout
  • Enjoy a more Confident and Positive Outlook


Self Defense and Safety Instruction for Women

Come and learn the skills to defend yourself in a variety of situations. Our methods may be practiced by all ages and body types. Good safety planning and concepts (called Safety Tips) are introduced to underline the importance of personal safety practices. Students learn how to disrupt common methods of assault, to avoid injury and escape.

WMSNPrograms for Companies

Custom Self Defense Programs

Employees are inspired by enrichment programs with variety. Self Defense training is a desirable and practical activity to offer. In addition to improving safety for oneself and others, self defense training also means self improvement and personal growth in areas favorable to the workplace.


Safety Tips

WMSN Founder and Instructor
Master Regina Pinpin

Student Testimonial


"Master Pinpin is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge for all ages.


She was able to help empower our group of moms to feel more equipped in self defense, while giving our young ones some relevant tips on how to respond in a threatening situation.


As little as one session provided great defensive tools. Six or more, even better...We got a great workout, and had loads of laughs too!


Why be stuck, frozen, not knowing what to do, when you can load your tool belt with defensive moves that can save your life?“  


- Marilyn A

Women Make Some Noise Woman's Self Defense Class