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On-line Self Defense and Safety Instruction for Women

Take Charge and Defend Yourself!

Learn how to defend yourself - in a variety of situations. Our methods may be practiced by all ages and body types. Learn how to disrupt common methods of assault, to avoid injury and escape.

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What will I learn?

Grab Defense #2

This is a basic self defense combination against a two hand 'lapel grab'. It demonstrates how stepping back provides leverage to break the hold.

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Words from WMSN students

About 'Women Make Some Noise'

“It has helped me feel stronger and more confident , and it's also helped me reach some of my fitness goals. I've also benefited from the support and friendship of our workout community”

Christine Cheng

We learn principles and techniques that we can use in everyday life - whether we are being attacked physically or mentally (in a work atmosphere ) to think and respond, with action, in a focused, controlled, powerful way. It’s fun to attend class with my daughter, Sala

Krystal Romero

Women Make Some NOISE, As a Mom and Attorney it is refreshing to find one class that offers the feeling of strength, street smarts, stress relief, and camaraderie all in one.”

Mirissa Murray

During class I get a chance to release my stress and convert it into something positive and beneficial, learning to protect myself

Heidi Kennedy

Master Pinpin’s class made me realize that there are multiple ways to defend yourself. Women are easier targets than men . It makes a difference.. Give it a try!

Arlene Hsu

Through the women Self Defense classes, I have learned to be more aware of my surroundings and I've learned to be prepared in physically confrontational situations

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Training Programs

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Weekly Workout 
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  • Self Defense Techniques
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Twice the Training
  • Interactive video training
  • Two Lessons / Week 
  • Self Defense Techniques
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Best Value
$ 6.58 per lesson*
Three Times the Progress
  • Interactive video training
  •  Three Lessons / Week
  • Self Defense Techniques
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